Academic Writing Guide: Research Paper intro Tips

Not everyone is an expert writer, and that’s perfectly okay. But no matter where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you can still become better at writing. An academic writing guide for example, can help you learn the process of good writing. In this article you will learn the best tips for writing the introduction of your research paper.

Tips for writing an introduction:

  • Even though it appears first, it should be written last.
  • It introduces the reader to your topic.
  • It should contain your thesis statement.
  • It’s a necessary part of the research paper.
  • Start it off with a couple of sentences of introduction; don’t make them too detailed.
  • It needs to be interesting and captivating.
  • Hook the reader. Decide what the bait is.
  • After the introductory sentences, state your thesis.

Why write an introduction?

  • It lets the reader know what your paper is about.
  • It tells the reader the purpose of the paper (i.e. the thesis statement)
  • It helps the reader know where you are going so they can follow along.

Many students consider the introduction to be the most difficult part of the research paper writing process, posing the most challenges. This could verily be true. Yet it’s so crucial to get the introduction just right, it’s worth putting more time and effort into it. A great introduction consists of more than just a couple of sentences slapped together and placed at the top of your research paper.

You must capture the reader’s attention. Especially that of your teacher or instructor, because they have not just your paper to read, but many more as well. Yours must make a lasting impression. Out of dozens of research papers, will yours stand out? Will it be memorable? Will it be unique?

Make sure your introduction transitions smoothly into the body of the paper. Of course, your last sentence of the intro will be your thesis statement. The body of your paper will go on to support the point made in your thesis, and bring other supporting evidence as well.

The reason it’s easier to write the introduction after writing your essay is that you don’t know exactly what direction your writing will take until after you write. So doing the intro first is counter-productive. Write the body first, and then go back and use the introduction to put the reader on the path your paper will take them on.