How useful can an essay example be in your writing process?

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read more. This means that if you want to be a better essay writer, you should try to read more essays. Many students who have to write essays on a regular basis read very little, which is why they struggle with the writing process and creating unique pieces of writing.

Use Essays as Templates

Many students and instructors worry that students who read too many essay examples will end up copying those essays in their own work. In most cases, students who read more essays do not use those example essays in their writing. They end up using sample essays as templates so they can fill in their own unique ideas. Having a template is a great way to craft a new essay. With a template, students can worry more about their own thoughts rather than worry about the organization of their essays.

Break Down the Parts of the Sample Essay

Students who are not well-read have challenges crafting interesting introductions. They might write good attention getting openings and thoughtful thesis statement, but they experience frustration trying to connect the opener with the thesis, which can create a choppy essay. Reading a variety of examples will make that process easier.

Common Core Encourages the Use of Models

In public schools all over the United States, the Common Core curriculum has taken hold. Many instructors are finding the new curriculum is teaching students by using models and thoughtful instruction. Common Core curriculum would advise teachers to break down essay examples so students can see exactly what makes an effective essay and what makes an ineffective essay. Teachers who have been using Common Core standards and ideas for instruction can help students learn in ways that they have never learned before.

Creative Examples with Model Texts

Many school districts are encouraging teachers to create unique lesson plans using model texts because model texts can become exemplary learning tools. Along with teaching how to write a high quality introductions, teachers can use sample essays to show students how to effectively use transitions between paragraphs and sentences. They can also be used to show how to document sources and how to transition between those examples and the students’ ideas. Students can also look at the conclusions to see how to effectively craft a thoughtful ending that leaves the reader feeling like the essay is complete.