Learn how to succeed in Business report writing

Many people are overwhelmed at the prospect of having to write a business report, yet it’s something required of many people throughout their business careers. Having some simple guidelines can help you learn to write successful business reports.

  • Research – make sure it’s thorough and take diligent notes. There will be primary research to do, which involves interviews to obtain your direct source information. Secondary research involves searching documentation such as books, other published sources and the internet.
  • Your reader – who is your reader and what is their level of knowledge and expertise in the topic you are addressing in your report. What is their level of expertise? What are their requirements? Set your tone to be appropriate for this readership.
  • Make sure your writing is concise. This doesn’t equal short; the report can be lengthy as long as it is direct and goes straight to the point. There will be a list of expectations for the report, and it should contain all the key elements. It should be of the required length.
  • All your facts must be accurate, and they need to be double-checked carefully.
  • The opening introduction is arguably the most important or at least the second most important part of your business report. It must explain what your report is all about and present how you will approach the topic.
  • Draw up an outline and do all the written work for the report by filling in the blanks using notes you took while gathering your data or evidence.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to work backwards, drawing the conclusion (s) from the knowledge and information you currently have, and then using that conclusion as a reference point to work towards.
  • The report’s main body is used for substantiating the conclusions and presenting the arguments and evidence.
  • Extra information belongs in the appendices.
  • Tables, graphs and charts should be labeled diligently and precisely. There should be page numbers within the body of the report to forward the reader to the exact location in the appendix where the chart is situated.
  • Proofreading and editing are just as important when it comes to a business report as it is for college essays and papers. Never skip this crucial step. Even the most eloquently written business report can fail if it was never proofed properly.

Your company might have its own guidelines when it comes to report writing, and these must essentially be followed first before incorporating any of the above steps.