A list of interesting definition essay topics for kids

  • Define for the audience true love
  • Write an essay that defines humor
  • Write a definition for loyalty
  • Define for the audience respect
  • Define authority
  • Write an essay that defines family
  • Define friendship
  • Define for the audience morality
  • Write an essay that defines evil
  • Write a definition for happiness
  • Define for the audience leadership
  • Define success
  • Write an essay that defines value

So what is a definition essay? A definition essay is one where you explain to your teacher what a particular definition means. Some words like “tree” or “book” have a definite meaning. But there are other words that can be interpreted based on your point of view or your upbringing such as “honesty” or “honor”.

Below are three basic steps to writing a good definition essay:

  1. Tell your reader what term you want to define
  2. Present basic information about your term
  3. Use examples or facts that your reader will understand

When you pick your definition make sure it is something you understand. If you have a best friend who has been there for you throughout school and personal issues and they love you more than your siblings or at least talk to you more then you might want to define the term “family” to include people beyond blood relatives because you view your friend as “part of the family”. Read over the dictionary definition first and then try and explain the term in our words.

Your thesis statement should identify the term that you want to define and provide a basic definition like that in the dictionary.

You can define your word by what it does or how it works. You can define your word by how it is organized. You can also define your word by comparing it to other related words and illustrating how it is different. You can also define your term by the things it does not mean. This type of distinction can help make a clear essay.

Remember that your essay is meant to describe what a term means. So remember to first tell your reader what term you are going to define and then present a basic definition for it. After that you need to use examples or facts or even anecdotes to tell the reader what your definition is.