Choosing A Problem Solution Essay Topic: 10 Helpful Suggestions

The web

Free video websites

Streaming sites are full of ‘How to’ videos on how to solve problems. This should help you to get a bunch of ideas on your own topics. Simply search for ‘How to’ videos and let the results inspire you to think of your own.

Q&A sites

Questions and answer websites are growing in popularity and people are relishing all the information being made available to them from around the world. Visit a few of these sites and see what problems people are asking to have solved.

Article sites

Back in the days when back-linking was so popular for search engine ranking, people posted up their articles by the thousands. You can search through some of these topics and read the ones that are relevant to problem solving.


Sites that archive blogs are also full of helpful ideas. A large percentage of blogs are dedicated to solving some or other problem.

News sites

The world itself is full of problems. You can see many of these on news sites and use them to come up with a good problem solution essay topic.



Conducting an interview is a great way to write a school paper. Ask someone about their problems and how they plan on going about finding the solution.


‘Self help’ and ‘How to’ sections in large libraries will flood your mind with ideas. The quiet atmosphere of the library will also help you to formulate some original topics from all the inspiration you get.

Look for a problem

The best way to come up with an original problem solution essay topic is to think of a problem. Now you can sit and ponder on the solution, making notes while you do. Before you know it, most of your content will already be thought out.

Look for a solution

Another strategy is to look at existing solutions that are available. You can trace these solutions back to the problems they were designed to solve and write your essay about something that may not be clear to others.

Think back

Take a quick look at your own life. What problems have you experienced that needed solving? What solutions for your own dilemmas have you come up with in the past? These questions may lead you to some excellent topics that will be easy to write about because of how close they are to your heart.