The Odyssey

This is a story about an Ithakan hero who was away from home after the Trojan. The message in the story is all about the characteristics of a hero, and those of people around him. A hero will always be that person who has the capability to find out something unique that will save his people. The experience of the hero is a platform towards freedom and success. The people around the hero will always be of two categories; the loyal ones, and those who would do anything to take away his achievements. These traits outline the story of Odysseus. Odysseus was a hero because he was able to trick the Trojans and kill them in collaboration with his soldiers. He convinced an artist to make a wooden horse, which they used to enter Troy unnoticed. In the night when the Trojans were drunk, and some asleep, Odysseus and his men killed all of them. His heroism does not end here, and the story talks about his experiences while far away from home, until he gets home to take over the leadership of Ithaka. Odysseus and his soldiers try to find their way home. They come across various obstacles, which Odysseus is able to deal with in different ways, and eventually reach home. Odysseus for example, was the only one who got the chance to hear the Sirens’ song and survive. Siren is a place where the monstrous women lured sailors to their deaths with their songs. One would listen and chase after the songs. Odysseus ordered his men to tie him to the mast to restrain him from chasing after it. His men plugged their ears.

Through a variety of adventures, Odysseus was the only one who; exercised restraint, showed high level of determination, was cautious, was creative, and was the risk taker. Restraint is shown when he does not eat the Lotus flowers that other soldiers ate and got confused, and when he does not eat the meat they were warned not to eat, among others. Determination is seen in his focus. He underwent all sorts of experiences, but still focused on getting home. His creativity and risk taking nature is seen in the decisions he makes during the adventures. He ordered his soldiers to plug their ears, and was willing to risk listening to the Sirens’ song, but only while tied. This also shows how cautious he was. He was also able to lead his soldiers out of the land of the giant one-eyed Cyclopes, where they escaped by riding under the Polyphemos flock of sheep.

Back in Ithaka when he gets home, he is cautious enough to disguise himself as a beggar so that he is not killed. He then finds out there are those who were still loyal to him, and those who had fled to the suitors. It is evident that this is a story that outline the qualities of a hero.