How to Do an Outline For an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is an interesting type of essay because you can really write your opinion, unlike other types where you need to be more objective and not use the first person pronoun. Although this does depend on the teacher, because some will still require objectivity, but most of the time you can speak your mind about the subject you are arguing for. When you choose a topic and have a position for one side of the issue, make sure it has plenty of material to use. You’re going to want to do all of your research before your outline, because then you just need to write in the blanks and you’re done the first draft, so it makes things way easier by doing research first.

Take your time in researching; find every journal article, book, documentary or magazine that you can and read and watch all of it. when you have a better general knowledge of a subject, it makes it a lot easier to write about off the top of your head without additional research or referring to the books and articles. Once your research is done, you’re reading to start the outlining process.

The first thing you need to do after researching is organizing your research. Group together books or other materials by similarity to each other and put them in their own places. You’ll probably have 2-3 major arguments within your topic, so divide your materials by which argument they’ll be used in. next, take a piece of paper or a document on your computer and write down a few headings: introduction, argument paragraph 1, argument paragraph 2, argument paragraph 3, conclusion. Under each of these, write the exact quote or paraphrase or references that you’re going to make from each book in the order that you’re going to use them. This way, when you’re finished you’ll have a long list of quotes and sources. Then you can write in between to connect each point in a linear fashion. Making your outline this way will save time in the long run because you’re essentially crafting your first draft a lot faster than other students will, and then once you’re done the in between writing, you can use the rest of your time to edit it to perfection! It’s always a good idea to make an outline because of this.