Essay Writing Help: Writing the Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs are the paragraphs following the introduction of the main idea. These are meant to support the thesis statement. The following are some of the characteristics of good body paragraphs:

  • The sentence topic should be clear: this is the opening sentence that introduces the paragraph. It tells the reader what that particular paragraph will be talking about. This paragraph builds a new idea which must be related to the writer’s central idea. Good topic sentences should have a definite point of view. It must appear as the first or second sentence of the paragraph. Sometimes, it can be a conclusion to the paragraph in cases where you are deducting or synthesizing information in the paragraph. It should be different from the thesis statement since it introduces a supporting idea related the article’s main thought.
  • Supporting details should be strong: the sentence topic is not enough to elaborate on the sub-idea being spoken about. These ideas will give an insight to the idea being passed across in the paragraph. When the topic sentence is clear and concise, the supporting ideas will also be clear.
  • Order: this should be evident from the topic sentence and the supporting details. There should be order in the manner that the supporting details follow the topic sentence.
  • There should be coherence: this is a way of inter-connecting thoughts and ideas logically throughout the paragraphs. The write should logically lead the reader through the text smoothly from one idea to another sequentially.

To attain coherence, the following ought to be done:

  • Planning: make a plan on how ideas will flow before writing them down.
  • Main ideas in each paragraph should appear as the topic sentence. Paragraphing unity and order should be observed. You can either provide a thesis that is followed by an explanation or explanation then a thesis statement later.
  • Use transitional words between paragraphs and sentences when navigating from an idea to another.
  • Key words and ideas may be repeated from time to time so that the reader’s mind is kept on the dominant ideas providing continuity and flow of thoughts.
  • Similar and related ideas have to be linked together. This will enable you give better explanations to the idea instead of separating them.
  • Consistence in the point of view should be maintained. Writers should ensure that their opinion is consistent throughout the text. Try to avoid sudden change in opinion that is illogical.