Weak Essay Topics to avoid

Essays come in many shapes and sizes. From entrance essays to final dissertation essays, there are many topics students choose to write on. Some are good and others not so good. It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out what topics are best, so here are five topics you should avoid and other options that might make a better essay for you to write!

  1. Your Drug Use
  2. Just about every college form the big universities to the small community colleges have to deal with drug abuse. Many counselors and teachers have seen bright students throw away their lives because of drugs. Even if you no long use drugs and are trying to turn your life around, it might be best to avoid this topics since it hits a little too close to home for many instructors. A better option would be to write about how you are achieving your goals for your life and what future plans you are striving for.

  3. Your Sex Life
  4. Yes, sex is generally a topics you will want to avoid in your essays unless you are given a topic that directly relates to it. Most instructors are not going to want to hear about your sex life. It can be a very touchy topic since there are many different views regarding sex and most people feel very strongly about their stand regarding sexual issues. Instead of writing on sex, you could try to write about how you have worked to succeed in your career field as a man or woman.

  5. Your Time in Jail
  6. You may be a bright student and many gifted and successful students have had brushes with the law during their life. While jail time is not a dooming sentence these days, it is best not to draw undue attention to those wilder years. Instead, look at writing an essay about how it is important to work with at-risk kids to help keep them out of jail and out of trouble.

  7. Your Heroism
  8. If your truly have a tale of heroism to tell it can make for a good topic for an essay. However you must be very careful that the essay does not end up being a long-winded bragging paper about how great you are. You could write about your heroic deed – maybe with the police department- and then also write about others in that same field and how they are important parts of society.

  9. Your Pet Social, Religious or Political Views
  10. Be careful if you choose to write about a hot button topic that is in the news a lot or has a lot of talk going on about it. The more people are discussing an issue or idea the more opinions there are out there and there is a greater chance of offending people and coming across as emotional, opinionated, hard headed, and narrow minded. Rather than risk it you could write about these topics but make sure you keep your own personal feelings and thoughts out of the paper.