A Guide For Choosing Psychology Paper Topics

Choosing a topic doesn’t have to be that hard. Some people find it boring when a teacher gives them a topic they have to do, but others find it a blessing, because then they don’t have to choose one themselves. Sometimes it’s the vagueness of the instructions and the options you can choose that can make a paper overwhelming. If your psychology paper is the kind where you have to choose the topic, know that it’s normal to struggle with a topic idea. Thousands of students are in the exact same situation as you, and only some of them know the best way to come out on top. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the best topic for this paper, and all future essays.

Topic Choosing Tips for Papers

So you’re in need of a good topic? Well you should first know that a truly good writer can take any topic and make it interesting. If you’re not a great writer, don’t worry because here are some tips for the rest of us who are more interested in psychology than in writing.

  • It doesn’t have to be complicated. Is there something you’ve been interested in during this class? Make that into a topic.
  • Look in your textbook or library books you’ve read; even fiction could present an idea to you about something related to psychology that you can write about.
  • What are the limitations or guidelines from your teacher regarding this paper topic? If they don’t want any papers about depression, for example, than make sure you pick a completely different topic. Some teachers might limit you to the current chapter or concept you’ve been studying in class.
  • Another tip you can use is asking what your classmates are writing about. You can probably brainstorm more ideas based on theirs or even take the same idea and approach it from a different angle.
  • Look at papers that have already been written. You can find examples online that might spark some inspiration for an idea for your paper. Reading other psychology papers is great for ideas, but just make sure you don’t plagiarize anything. You an always use the topic and then completely make it your own and use your own sources for it to be an original paper. It’s easy to do the research once you have your topic down.