10 interesting facts about homework services

If you’re thinking you’d rather buy a paper online, trust me a lot of people have gone done that route. The outcome is always one of two, success or failure.

Here then are 10 things about homework services that you probably suspected but ignored:

  1. The homework papers are re-sold
  2. No one has the time to write the same topic paper only with content in the body. The freelancer who did your homework probably received other offers from your classmates and he sold them the paper he did for you in the first place.

  3. The paper is probably plagiarized
  4. Put yourself in the shoes of whoever is doing your homework. You have 100 orders all due in three days. Isn’t it better to just research the topic and copy-paste everything else?

  5. The information is probably wrong
  6. You probably major in physics. How would the freelancer know about things he/she has never learned before?

  7. The papers are done by people overseas
  8. You went online and found a tried and true website that completely does what you ask them to. So you contract them to do your homework or assignment. But here’s the sad truth, the people you hired will probably not touch that paper. They are thrown over to third party sites who contract overseas online workers looking to make a quick buck.

  9. You’re paying more than you should
  10. Unless you have been doing this for a while there is no way to properly compare rates. The websites are owned by different people and are targeted differently. This means that they are aimed for different people with different needs.

  11. They truly don’t care
  12. Why would someone overseas care about your thesis on human psychology? They probably never attended that class in the first place.

  13. Refund policy
  14. Most of these sites do not have a refund policy or are lying that they do. Imagine getting stuck with a worthless paper after parting with a good 20 dollars.

  15. Your school probably knows about the site
  16. It’s a big offence in most schools to hand in plagiarized work. Some of the penalties even include discontinuation!

  17. Computer malware, adware and spyware
  18. Downloading this papers could bring the above unwanted computer installations and ruin your precious machine.

  19. You may never get your paper back
  20. Just because you paid doesn’t assure you of getting your paper back in time for the deadline.