Constructing a note card for your term paper

Writing term papers is not an easy task; yet, it is not as difficult as one may think. Many writers have found that they benefit from using notecards to keep data organized. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to use notecards, such as size… Many writers choose to use the standard 5 x 7 notecard. 5 x 7 notecards are compatible with 5 x 7 flip photo albums, which are used for easy storage of the cards. Some writers keep their notecards filed in a box, such as a recipe box. It is important to make and use dividers if you choose to store your cards in a box. Dividers are used to separate various sections of the project, such as the introduction, the thesis or the summary. You can also use dividers for each heading or subheading or, for each bullet point (if you have developed an outline).

Note: When you begin to jot down information, be sure to use a pencil instead of a pen. This will make it easier to erase mistakes or update information as it become available to you.

The notecard is very useful in keep track of references. You can write a new card up every time a reference comes to you. This will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, mainly because you will not have to sort through pages and pages of material. You should assign your reference cards numbers or letters to keep them organized. Organization cannot be stressed enough. Organizing your main ideas helps you keep data in a logical order. Just as importantly, it saves you time. Be sure to put each card back in the proper place when you are finished with it.

Although there are many ways to organize your term paper, none is as effective as the proper use of notecards. The multicolored ones are great for grouping and organizing. So, when it comes to the term paper, think small! If you are really creative, consider decorating your box with photos, magnets, or paper flowers in order to create a reusable box. Always keep extra notecards handy in case you come up with any last minute thoughts while you are finishing up your paper. Some writers will even staple notecards to coinciding pages in order to keep their desks looking orderly and neat. Of course, some writers don’t… But they are the ones who get Ds and Fs.