Writing College Essays Can Be Quite Interesting

Students should understand and certainly lock away the fact that the choice of topic in your college essay is what can make it interesting or dull. If you choose wisely and write about a topic which is controversial, your chances of finding the task of writing that college essay being interesting will have increased markedly. So the two points to understand as far as generating interest for yourself are concerned will be:

  • choice of topic
  • controversial nature of topic

Writing an essay is hard work. It requires research, knowing the requirements of the department or faculty as far as the formula on your essay is concerned, and then actually coming up with a well-written and well-structured essay. Everyone has to go through the same routine. So that being the case, why not make the writing of your college essay interesting?

Choose the right topic

If you choose a topic which you know a little or a lot about already, you're off to a flying start. If the topic is something about which you have a passionate interest, you've made the task of writing an essay wonderfully interesting right from the word go. Because there are so many different topics, it should not be difficult at all for you to find a topic which excites and interests you. On the other hand if you choose a topic which is dull and boring, difficult to research and which you find a drag, you will certainly make heavy weather of your college essay writing.

Make the topic of controversial

By choosing a controversial topic, you automatically create something of interest. Here are some possible controversial topics.

  • Global warming is a load of codswallop
  • World War III will happen sooner rather than later
  • Lowering the drinking age will reduce teenage binge drinking

Now each of these topics can easily be seen to be controversial. And no matter which side of the argument you take, there will be plenty of ammunition to support your case. And particularly if the topic you choose relates directly to your lifestyle -- teenage drinking either for you or your friends is a prime example -- you will find it very easy and quite interesting to tackle the writing of such a topic. You are a part of it. It affects your life. Consider the choice of a controversial topic to make your essay writing really interesting and easier to write.