A Well-Written Sample Academic Paper Can Be Used As A Template

If you are fairly new to the academic world—easing your way up the ladder to your goal—you may find yourself a little overwhelmed when it comes to the point where you need to start presenting papers and proving theories. At this point, many exhausted students have felt lost, confused and alone.

The ‘Eek’ factor

If you’ve been studying for a while, perhaps thinking about writing another academic paper can make you feel like all you have left is one last sticky drop; that you’re being squeezed, rolled and pulled for that last ounce of creative energy. So, you try yoga in the hope that whilst doing the ‘eagle’ your academic juices will start flowing again. Or, you stuff yourself with chocolate, hoping the sugar rush will bring back some blood to the brain. The result: more confusion, sore muscles, and a sugar spike–and of course an empty page.

What is the answer?

Go back to the basics. Look at your format. Review your notes. Start with an introduction explaining what you would like to prove in the paper. Continue by detailed tests and results, checking your spelling as you go, and topping it off with the conclusion that not only summarises your theory but also perfectly presents the point.

Still stuck?

Find yourself a good back-up partner like an online academic tutor or even a company that writes papers on behalf of students. You don’t need to get them to write your paper (unless you really want them to), but they can assist you with well-written samples that you can reference or use as a template.

Especially if you are new to the academic world and just starting to reach the higher levels of your studies, a well written example or template is such a good way to relieve that pressure. It can ease your mind and trigger your memory step by step, helping you decipher what goes where.

Warning: Not every paper is a well-written one

If you are looking to get a sample paper, ask someone with experience to recommend one. You don’t just want to just Google for one and choose the first person that pops up. Review as much as possible and use what you do know to evaluate the examples before you start. Getting a good example is a valuable asset to your studies.