I Need To Write An Essay Right Now

Is a deadline breathing down your neck, keeping you awake and threatening to ruin your grade? Every student has had this experience. We all lose track of our many assignments and responsibilities from time to time; sometimes it’s nearly impossible to balance all our duties and complete assignments on time.

Or perhaps procrastination is your enemy. Maybe you had ample time to complete an essay ahead of time, but you just couldn’t marshall the motivation. Now the deadline is fast approaching and you still feel sluggish, cloudy headed, or uncertain about how to start. This is a scary moment for any writer. However, you are not in a hopeless position just yet. Follow these tips to finish writing your essay immediately.

Ban Distractions Now

Use a web blocker to turn off the internet. Some services allow you to specify a particular time frame, during which your computer will not be able to access websites of any kind. Other services allow you to specify the websites that pose the greatest temptation to waste time (such as social media sites), and will only block those until a period of time has passed. Alternatively, you can just unblock your router and throw it across the room, or ask a friend to keep an eye on you. Whatever it takes, remove all the tools you use for procrastination.

Find A Place To Focus

After you have banished distractions and temptations, find a location that is comfortable (but not too comfortable), quiet, clean, and well organized. If you do not have such a space in your home, you can go to a library or university computer center. Some schools even offer private study carrels where students can work in absolute peace. Decide what will work best for you and seek it out.

Once you have a quiet place to work, lay out all your relevant research information, your sources, or the rubric your instructor has given you. Open your computer to your text editor and put in some earplugs or ear buds. Do not listen to music with lyrics or distracting background noise. If you can, lock the door or put up a sign indicating you’re busy.

Get Competitive: Do A Word Sprint

Tell yourself that for the next twenty minutes, you will do nothing but write. No pausing, no stopping to check a fact or edit a sentence, no fixing typos, no getting up to use the bathroom or take a glass of water. Do not worry about the quality of the text at this point. The goal is to just write as much as possible. Do this several times and you’ll have a perfect rough draft.