Original ideas for argumentative essay topics

When you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay, your goal is to find a topic that has at least two sides to it. You cannot make an argument if your topic does not have more than one side.

Look for a topic that is often debated. Think about topics that you debate at the dinner table, or topics that are up for debate in the classroom. Try and find an angle or pick a side in the debate and either present evidence that supports your side over the opposition, or point out where there are holes in the logic of the opposition, thus making your side better by default.

So when picking an idea, and search for original ideas for your argumentative essay topic, you want something that is new, something that hasn’t been debated for decades. For those who want a topic that relates to the field of crime and law there are many broad topics from which you can develop an appropriate thesis for your assignment:

  • Whether animal rights should still be a legal concern
  • Why the United States still allows capital punishment while most other first world countries do not
  • Whether assisted suicide should be a punishable offence
  • The growth of campus violence and shootings in Americav
  • The legal drinking age
  • Whether the drug laws in America are a waste of taxpayer money
  • Whether gun control is an acceptable way to control mass violence
  • What qualifies as a hate crime and should this definition be expanded or contracted?
  • What measures can be taken to aid a backed up legal system?
  • What can be done to determine whether the insanity defense is appropriate or not? Is it too often abused in the world of law?
  • Are prison wardens and corrections officers mentally unstable most of the time and why is it that those with a high profile for psychological disorders are allowed to be placed in a position of power and control over others?
  • What can be done about police brutality? Should there be higher standards for police officers and those involved in the legal field? Should something be done to prevent people who are otherwise unintelligent and psychologically unstable from wielding power and a gun?
  • Should the for-profit prison system in America be considered unethical? Should the ICC step in to stop it?
  • What can be done to prevent rising sexual harassment cases?
  • Is the three strikes law effective?