Who Can Show You How to Write a Personal Statement?

Despite all the advice that exists in the world regarding personal statements, they are still a mystery for most high school students looking to apply and get into the college of their choice. There are many things students should do and many more things they shouldn’t do. So where does a student learn how to write a personal statement? Here are the three best places:

  • Individual learning. The most common and readily accessible way to learn how to write a personal statement is through individual learning. This includes going to the library or bookstore and finding books filled with sample writings. This is a very effective method that shows students a wide variety of writing styles and provides thorough explanations.
  • Students can also search online and find several blogs and articles on the subject. Some free writing labs will offer step-by-step instructions on how to craft, revise and polish great personal statements to improve a student’s chances of getting into the college of his or her choice.
  • Writing tutors and English teachers. A very trusted and highly reliable source for writing assistance in a personal essay is working with a writing tutor or English teacher at one’s school. Both are recommended because they know students’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing. In addition, each is readily available to review drafts of students’ personal statements throughout the application process.
  • Both writing tutors and English teachers also have proven qualifications in the field. The trouble with searching online for assistance is that one can never be too sure that they are working with a professional writer, or someone who is experienced in the writing personal statements. English teachers clearly have the credentials to teach, and most tutors spend years grading high school and college papers to give them the experience they need to help.
  • Professional online writers. Professional online writers from freelancing websites or from writing service companies have become quite popular in the last decade. They provide a wide range of writing services, which include drafting, writing, proofreading and editing any type of written content. For students wanting to learn or improve their writing skills, professional online writers can work on individual levels to guide and reinforce the development of young writers.

Online writers are favored because their services can be catered to individual students’ needs. Some students only want a reliable proofreader, while other students require thorough editing. Whatever their concern, students can find a service provider who can help them through every stage.