Writing Strong Body Paragraphs Of A Narrative Essay

In some ways a narrative essay is the easiest type to write. That's because you are telling a story, a narrative. You're not there to set up an argument and then use your essay to substantiate your point of view. You have a topic and it is a tale. So tell it. And if you are enthusiastic about telling a story then it makes your narrative essay even easier.

Like all essays it will have the basic components of introduction, body paragraphs and then the conclusion. The body paragraphs form the greatest part of your narrative essay. There will be more words written in the body paragraphs than elsewhere. Therefore you need to have information or facts to write about in your body paragraphs. What will make your body paragraphs strong?

Brainstorming gives you information

Now by all means research your topic if that will provide you with information. Even if it is a fictional narrative essay you are presenting, getting background information to give colour, light and movement to your essay is essential.

But what really gives strength to your body paragraphs is information. Yes you have to tell the story well, and that is the second component in creating strength, but you need to have facts or information about which you can write a terrific tale.

So use brainstorming around your topic to jot down any word or words which spring to mind in a short period of time. That's the key to brainstorming. You don't sit around for half an hour thinking about what you might write. You set the clock and brainstorm for say one maybe two minutes. Looking at the topic of your narrative essay, you write any word or words which spring to mind related to that topic. Getting friends, family members or fellow students to join in on the brainstorming session is a brilliant idea. More brains equals more ideas.

Aim for continuity in your writing

Once you have the ideas you are ready to create your body paragraphs. Now comes the task of creating continuity. When you introduce an idea in a body paragraph you then need to decide whether you need to elaborate on that idea or move to the next idea. Remember you want the reader’s attention to be locked on to what you are writing. That's why continuity is so important. By all means get as many ideas as you can but then create a flow throughout your body paragraphs.