Nazi Ghettoization To The Fall

In 1933 when the National Socialist Party came to power it set about to regain its place in Europe, and eventually to become the dominant world power, but prior to doing this it needed to improve itself on the domestic front, by finding ways to improve its economy, but more importantly to gain the support of its people, so when the time for war would come, the German population would fanatically support the cause.

One of the first things that the Nazis did was to scapegoat the Jewish community, by having the German people believe it was the Jewish Community that had bankrupted the German Economy. One of the first acts of violence was Kristallnacht, where many Jewish businesses were attacked by the Brownshirts, a youth group that sympathetic with the Nazi regime. The National Socialists wanted to target the youth, since they believed it was the youth that represented the future, Many in the Hitler Youth would go on to serve in the Schutzstaffel (SS), under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler. The SS had started as a paramilitary group, but eventually evolved to be the secret police, and the personal guard to the Nazi leadership. When one wanted to join the SS, they were to be of pure Aryan stock, and the embodiment of what is was to be Aryan.

During this time many in the Jewish community were placed in what were ghettoes, with conditions being unlivable; eventually this would lead to many being transported to concentration camps; besides Jews being sent you also had Gypsies, Mentally Ill, Catholics, Homosexuals, Atheists, and Communists; anyone who was in dissent with the Nazi regime, was likely to be sent to a concentration camp. Many in the camps would face their demise through sterilization, and later in gas chambers. Many were also the subjects of horrific experiments conducted by Josef Mengele.

The reason why the Nazis did this was it was one step to creating the perfect society, and it was necessary to eliminate all undesirables. As time went on Germany realized it was time to expand, which led to the outbreak of the war. Germany. There were a number of reasons but one was certainly to claim land that was lost, but also to protect ethnic Germans in non-German territory. It also was in need of raw materials, which was one of the reasons why Germany had attacked the Soviet Union. Germany also needed to expand, and wanted Eastern Europe to eventually be re-populated with Germans. Historians argued this was what led to Germany’s demise, even if the Soviet Government had fled, and continued their fight from the Urals, it would have had on ongoing war, which would have crippled the German Economy. Things could have been different, but the world would not have been better off.