Five Steps towards a successful Five-Paragraph Essay

So many students make the obvious mistake of starting to write too soon. A successful five paragraph essay becomes successful when you have a plan. Here are five simple steps to take to almost guarantee success with your essay writing.

  • choose the topic well
  • make the plan specific
  • address the topic
  • create an outline
  • review the finished product

It's much easier to write a successful five paragraph essay when you have a connection with the topic. It may be a subject you know a lot about, have a passion for or would like to know a lot more about. You are half way towards being successful simply by choosing the topic that is right for you.

You must make a plan and it must be specific. You can have five subheadings which you are paragraphs one, two, three, four and five. In this plan or outline of your essay you list the point or points you will make in each one of your paragraphs. This is your roadmap. And of course having made the roadmap you must follow it exactly.

One of the biggest reasons why essays do not attract a high score, are not successfully written, is because the student does not address the topic. They write what they think is an excellent title for the essay but then do not directly and specifically write about that topic. They create irrelevant matter. It might be important and even interesting prose, but if it does not address the topic then your essay will not be successful.

An outline is a refinement of your plan. You wish to make a point in paragraph 2. What evidence do you have to support your argument? Remember that an essay involves the writer putting forward an argument, making a point or points. But having an opinion by itself is not good enough. You must be able to back up your assertion and to do this you need supporting evidence.

Finally, when you have completed all of this preparation you start to write your essay. People who follow the above steps and delay the actual writing of the essay, find that their writing flows because of their preparation. But of course having written what you hope will be a successful essay, you then must, repeat must edit and review your work. The polishing part is as important as the actual preparation and writing.