Napoleon's Invasion Of Russia

The invasion of Russia by the French is known as the Patriotic War of 1812 in Russia. It started on June 24, 1812 led by Napoleon as his Army crossed the Neman River in an effort of engaging the Russian Army in a battle. Napoleon had hopes of compelling Tsar Alexander of Russia to end trading with the British merchants by way of proxies in an endeavor to pile pressure on the United Kingdom to look for peace. The official political objective of the campaign was to free Poland from the Russian threat. Napoleon dubbed the campaign, “the Second Polish War” to obtain favor with the Poles and offer a political pretense for the actions he did.

Napoleon started his fatal campaign against Russia in June, 1812 in what was a landmark ever in the history of the destructive ability of warfare. Virtually all of the continental Europe was put under his control and the Russia invasion was an effort to coerce Tsar Alexander to submit yet for another time to the terms of what was to be a treaty s imposed by Napoleon upon him four years back. Napoleon gathered for himself about five hundred thousand soldiers from France together with the vassal states of Europe and got into Russia with the biggest army to have ever been created in those times. Led by Marshal Kutuzov, Russia could did not have realistic chances of defeating him in a direct war of confrontation. However, they started a defensive campaign of forcing a strategic retreat of running the land as they fell back and harassed the French flanks. As the summer came on, the massive supply lines of Napoleon became thinner and the force started to dwindle. Due to desertion, hunger and fatigue along with raids through the Russian forces, Napoleon’s army declined significantly by September that year.

Napoleon’s invasion suffered a major blow. Russia and France were termed as allies but they were actually not real friends. The economy of Russia was hurt through Napoleon Bonaparte’s Continental System that barred important trade with Britain along with internal pressures that compelled Tsar Alexander to ignore those who went against it. Napoleon is usually termed as one of the top military tacticians in history. However, his invasion of Russia was big mistake as he unsuccessfully engaged his soldiers due to food shortages, diseases, freezing temperatures and assaults from the Russians. This started out as the end for him who would later go into exile in 1814.