Is it Wise to Pay for Homework?

One day, as the story tells, during the class, after all papers have been submitted, the teacher opens one of the paper at a random page and immediately bursts out laughing. After a couple of minutes, still in tears from laughing, the teacher beckons the "author" and asks him to read aloud what had been supposedly written by him. The student starts: "Physics of protuberance type atomic processes involves synthesizing of deuterium and tritium hydrogen isotopes with large amount of energy release, which, in more detail, I had covered in my 12-volume monograph in 1972 ..."

Was the student unwise because he had paid somebody to do his homework, or because he had paid a wrong person?

Why Such Fuss?

Of course, the incident above is exceptional, not to say fantastic, but still, one can pay for the paper and get caught.

But what if we choose some reputable agency or person, guaranteeing high quality original content, no plagiarism, and even promising you constant touch with "your" writer for your control over the process and output?

Some people see some reasons in doing it, whatever ethical arguments might be in the way.

  • You will meet the deadline, get a proper paper (which you will read and learn from it), a good grade and time for lots of important things.
  • Nobody can know everything. Not doing a couple of assignments cannot harm one's preparedness for the real world, just as best performance at school cannot guarantee best career outside school.
  • It cannot be considered as plagiarism, it's rather buying someone's intellectual property.
  • Most of the work assigned in classrooms is simply routine, so if you are equipped with all necessary knowledge and skills to graduate, why fuss about a few paid papers?

It's Shameful and Pointless!

We must admit that this practice is generally frowned upon in academic world. Some people find it disgraceful to even discuss such matters. The reasons are simple:

  • When you are doing your homework it's not only the result you are after. On the way you are acquiring the tools and skills to be successful in your job. Your degree will be pretty much useless if it is earned by deceit.
  • Buying your homework is highly addictive. Do it once, get away with it, see the easiness and effortlessness of it, and next time you will be tempted to repeat the experience.
  • Anyway, there is supply and demand, it's only up to you whether to involve yourself in or keep away from it.