How To Write An Essay Proposal Properly

If you are writing an essay proposal it is important to write it properly. Why?

The essay proposal is what you use to let the review board in on what you are doing. It is where you tell the review board or your advisor or whoever is going to read it what your essay is going to be about.

Why write it?

The purpose of the essay proposal is to give an outline to your review board and to let them approve the research you are going to do or help you refine it a bit.

What should I cover?

Inside of the essay proposal you should cover the following topics:

  • You want to cover your thesis statement. This should be crystal clear so they know the purpose of the essay right off the bat .
  • You want to cover a quick literature summary for whatever research or sources you will use. You can just include an annotated bibliography if you plan on having a handful of sources. This will give the reader insight into what direction your research has gone already. Bear in mind it is not expected that you have completed all of your research at this stage because you are still submitting a proposal for acceptance. Once it is accepted you can begin research thoroughly.
  • You want to cover the reason behind your thesis. What problem or issue exists in your field? Why are you addressing it? What benefits will this bring to the field? If you are writing a paper comparing the Roman Gods to the Greek Gods you want to simply explain why this analysis is beneficial. For shorter essays the reason might be no more than one sentence or “because this was the assignment” but for something more advanced or analytical you need to include a reason.

Remember that as you sit down to write your proposal there will be many distractions everywhere you turn. Friends will want to go out and family will always need help. But remember that you should work to overcome the distractions and the attractiveness of procrastination by writing at least a small amount every day until you finish your essay proposal.

You will need to practice that level of academic discipline during the proposal stage if you have any hope of finishing the actual essay on time. Make sure to stop procrastination before it starts and stay focused on your deadlines.