Childhood Obesity

Today, the childhood obesity is a major and serious cause which affecting the large amount of children. It is a very big problem which turns into a serious disaster in future. It becomes very disturbing and shocking fact of life. The obesity in children become serious problem and has quickly grown, so it is known as an epidemic. The epidemic can bring both emotional and physical causes into children lives. It is a devastating issue which is associated with various health risks. The family lifestyle and physical exercise is mainly influence on the development of obesity in children.

The main cause of childhood obesity is too much eating habit of children and not performing regular workout or exercise. The extra calories are not burn properly without any physical activities and exercises, now it will translate into body fat. When this fat becomes more, the problem of obesity rises. The children are eating unhealthy food or fast food and also spend most of the time in watching TV or playing video games on computer rather than to go outside playing. The results of weight gain are varying from children to children that were due to various factors such as:

  • Lack of proper exercise
  • Poor eating habit and unhealthy food
  • Psychological issues and stress
  • Genetic factors
  • Environments
  • Modern Lifestyle
  • Lack of parental supervision

The obesity is a new health challenge which is facing lot of children. The children between age of 2 to 5 and from 12 to 19 the rates of obesity have tripled since last few decades. The children those who are overweight suffering from various health risks like heart diseases, hypertension, arthritis, type II diabetes, cancer as well as gastrointestinal problems. Rather than the physical danger to overweight children, they also suffer psychological damage such as emotional distress, laziness, depression and lacking self control. These problems can follow the children throughout their entire life.

The treatment of the childhood obesity depends on the age. It includes changes into the child’s physical activity and diet. The aim of obesity treatment is to maintain the body weights rather that weight loss. The treatment includes:

  • Regular practice of exercise
  • Avoid spicy and junk food
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Children keep away from sedentary lifestyle
  • Provide proper health education
  • Consulting the child to dietitian
  • Engaged in any sport activity
  • Provide healthy and low fat food.