Avionics in NextGen

The future of flight has begun to be significantly affected by the NextGen program. This is the umbrella that all new changes in flight have fallen under. The ideas and design of the changes re to make all flights smoother and safer while still providing a better experience in the airport as well. The goal is to make the aviation system in the United States more efficient from start to finish. The real question is can these changes be made in a realistic time frame. Most people are doubtful.

Promises of NextGen

Like any new government program, NextGen is making many bold promises. The program should make it easier and quicker to get from the gate to the plane, increase safety on the runway and in the air as well as lessen the environmental impact of flying in general. It seems like a magic bullet that will fix all of the ills of the airline industry. However NextGen raises some substantial questions for the flight industry.

The NextGen system for aviation seems to have no problem organizing what should be done, but there is no plan in how to implement all of the changes the government has created. Like many governmental mandates, they are going to be hollow and not followed if there is no solid funding behind it. It is easy to say this needs to dictate ideas, but another to allocate the funding to it. Additional equipment needs to be installed in a fleet of outdated aircraft in order to allow for these.

NextGen Still Needs Work

There are a number of key issues that still need to be taken care of in order to bring this into reality. Fortunately there is still time to meet the original deadline. Issues still remain about where the funding for changes will come from and also about the responsibilities of the pilots and the flight towers. This is an issue that the FAA needs to solve before the final system can even be developed.


Although having an air travel system that is more reliable and efficient is a desirable result. The NextGen program is a long way from delivering this to the public. There are many funding decisions that have to be created in order to fund the project appropriately. Not only that the specific responsibilities of the pilots and the air traffic controllers need to be worked out. Avionics in NextGen is a program that has a lot of potential value and will increase the experience of travel, but to expect them to be ready to go anytime soon is terribly unrealistic and probably doomed to failure.