Who can help you make up expository essay topics for middle school?

An expository essay is one that offers the reader some useful information such as an explanation for something that might otherwise be difficult to understand. You should build an argument using concise ideas. You can create an expository essay by offering a definition for something that is above and beyond the dictionary definition or you can compare and contrast the topic. You can also provide multiple examples to support the central theme. In order to write your expository essay you should follow these tips:

  1. Identify the topic.
    • You can compare and contrast two ways to get healthy
    • You can compare different teaching styles
    • You can compare different strategies for studying
    • You can provide a definition for love
    • You can provide a definition for friendship
    • You can provide a definition for family
    • You can provide a definition for loyalty
    • You can provide a definition for respect

    Any of these would work well as a topic for your paper. Remember that you want a topic that is interesting to you. If you are not interested in writing about a teacher you really like because you haven’t found one you really like then don’t. Write about two different video games or two different restaurants. Choose something that is narrow enough to write about in a few paragraphs but broad enough to cover in those few paragraphs. You can tell if your topic was too narrow because you will run out of things to say while you are writing it. You can tell if your topic was too broad because you will have too much to say.

  2. Gather facts and evidence.
  3. You need to collect evidence to support your argument. You can find evidence in books or newspapers or even journals. Evidence should be a fact or statistic or even a quote that supports your argument. If you want to say that video games can increase dexterity then try and find a scientific or medical study where they prove that it does increase dexterity and use the quote or statistic from it regarding what percentage of children have shown that they benefit from it.

  4. Write an outline
  5. The outline comes before the rough draft. It is supposed to help you gather all of the thoughts you have in your head and get them down on paper. You can then use the outline to organize your notes. You don’t want the statistic about how video games helps dexterity to be in the wrong paragraph. That is why you create an outline so that you can make sure all of the pieces are in the right place.