Who can help you with your Math Homework?

Math is a subject that many people struggle with and need a little extra help. If you find yourself falling behind in class, struggling with tests, and having a hard time with your homework then you may want to look at bringing in a little outside help. There are several options you have to choose from if you are looking for a helping hand with your math studies.


Tutors are specially trained and have years of experience with math work. Regardless of the level class you are taking, chances are you can find a tutor who can help you. Some schools and many colleges have tutors on staff who can work with students and help them through your classes. Most tutoring services offered through the school are free, but if you want a more personalized and one on one tutoring option you can look for a private tutor to pay.

Online study guides

There are many companies that specialize in study guides, tutorials, videos, and aids that can help with any number of math classes. Looking up your class or the problem type you are having issues with will bring in many search results. Depending on the type of math you are working on and your current skill levels you may do better with a video lecture or a written review. Whatever your learning style, you will find something online to help!


Many students overlook a readily available source of help when it comes to math homework- their teachers. Many instructors have office hours set up so their students can come by and talk to them, ask questions, and get help with the class assignments and homework. Many students forget that in most cases their instructors do want them to be successful and do want them to pass the class and learn the material. So if you have the option to visit your teacher before or after class, you would be wise to take advantage of that opportunity.

Look close to home

The final options you have when looking for math help is to look to your family. Ask around and see if you have any family members who are good at math, or who at least are better at it than you. Also check with friends and acquaintances and see who might be able to lend a little brain power one or two times a week to help you get through your class. Many people find it easier to learn from someone they know and trust, so this is a good option to consider.