Original definition essay topics to impress your teacher

A definition essay is, as the name implies, one that defines something. It’s usually not much of an essay if it defines something tangible like a chair or a bag which is why the best definition essay topics seems to center around concepts. Here are a few to consider.

What is Anger?

Most of us have experienced anger at some point or another but few ask themselves to examine what it is. There are the emotional responses as well as facial expressions and physiological states associated with anger. This essay can describe all of those things and go into why they occur so that a complete picture of anger can be formed.

What is an Argument?

A true argument does not involve two or more people hurling insults at each other for the sake of wounding emotionally. This is a common misunderstanding and the reasons for it can be examined in this essay. References to Greek philosophers who were pioneers in the establishment of logic as we know it today would also be of use.

What is a Human Being?

Human beings separate themselves from their closes relatives in the animal kingdom when deciding what type of life they belong to. This essay would go into why that is and to what extent other animals have traits that we often assume are exclusively human. It can also look at the earlier forms of human beings like homo erectus and explain how they differ from modern mankind.

What is a Word?

Words make up languages and enable communication which has allowed for the transmission of complex knowledge from person to person over generations. But what is a word? Describe the smallest parts of language that can convey meaning and how meaning can come to be applied to a sound over time so that it becomes a word.


Many highly skilled physical activities are denied the label of ‘sport’ and this essay can touch on why. The definition of a game, an activity, a pastime and other similar terms can be added into this essay for comparison purposes as well as clarification.

Definition essays may not be as fun as descriptive ones but with the right choice of topic you can craft a well written and accurate essay that will be a joy to read and also score you high marks.