Interesting academic articles to sell online

In this digital age the internet sources many things and acts as an aid of resources for information. There are several websites which detail the academic writing pieces which are currently selling every day. It is great, because it gives you an idea of how much someone is willing to pay for such length of work prior to you writing it. In order to deduce which academic articles are the most interesting, you can survey the ones requested on certain websites. The most requested can be highlighted as the most interesting articles to sell online. Another way of finding out the ones to write could be to simply apply for the jobs and write the academic articles after you have won the bid to write the academic article for the client.

The key things to avoid when approaching jobs on any of the websites are:

  • People asking for free trials - if they are serious they will pay for your work. You can provide samples of your work for them to deduce your level of writing skills.
  • Private websites, with no online presence. You can find this by conducting a simple google or yahoo search on the company in question.
  • Poor rates, you will never get ahead by seeking low rates all the time. Initially when you start it is good to get a reputation thereafter you need to start increasing your rates.

Another option is to try a freelance broker such as Elance, oDesk and iFreelance. They act like the middle man between the client and vendor. They aim to prevent both the freelancer and the client from fraud and it seems to work well. It is heavily used throughout the web and both the client and vendor gain reviews to so both parties can measure their success on the sites.

Contacting an agent may give you some guideline of articles to write which could sell online. Try one of these options to get a good academic writing agent, there are books for sale which lists many literary agents such as 2013 Guide to Literary Agents by Chuck Sambuchino or 2013 Writer´s Market by Robert Lee Brewer. The Writer´s Market has details of competitions, magazines and other ways to get published, therefore it is a sought after guide with numerous contacts.