Smart Devices

The invention of the smart devices have enabled mankind to make huge strides in the field of technological development. Knowledge intensive firms such as Apple and Samsung have become the major players that enjoy the benefits of such inventions in the electronic industry.  A smart device is an electronic tool that operates devoid of wire connections; it is portable and can be easily connected to various networks for easy communication and exchange of data. Smart devices such tablets and smart phones have enabled convenience in the daily operations.

The devices have transformed human life both in the business front and the social facet of life. The devices have positively impacted the development of business activities, for instance business managers can now attend meetings without carrying notes books and pens as the devices can be used for note taking. This application is also used by students to take notes and do many other things at same time.  Online advertising and marketing has been made easy to due to the invention of the smart devices, businesses can easily post their adverts using the devices which are used by many consumers and hence generate the desired traffic for the purchase of products and services.

Smart devices have enabled easy transfer of information from one place another and thus enhancing communication among various people in the business and social life. Video streaming has become very fast and easy due to the invention of the devices. The devices enable storage of large amount of data and more importantly synchronization of data between various electronic communication devices, for instance people can record videos by smart phones or tablets and transfer them to the computers in offices and homes.

Smart devices have multi- functionality features which enable people to do many things at ago, one can use a smart phone to text, take notes, record videos and browse over the internet. Smart devices have enabled people to easily interact over the social media through social websites and micro blogging site such as face book and twitter.  Technology has gone notch higher by enabling doctors to administer the conditions of patients using smart devices, take a scenario where smart devices such smart phones are used to transmit the pulse rate which can be used by the doctor diagnose blood pressure and other heart related complications. Invention of smart has therefore impacted on both industry and life of people.