Speech Writing Help Can Sometimes Come in Handy

Not many people can write an important speech by themselves and in these cases they often get help from professionals who understand what it takes to write a speech. When you meet with the professional, you should state clearly what you want the speech to be about and the occasion on which the speech is based. For example, if you're delivering a speech to a group of environmental education organizations, your speech would be about ways they can educate more people about energy conservation and other ways of going green.

Consider The Professional's Feedback

If the professional gives you important feedback, you want to listen carefully to what he says so that you will improve the speech. For example, if the professional mentions that your speech appears too preachy or moralistic in the conclusion of the speech, you should rewrite the conclusion in such a way that it evokes compassion as you invite people to take action on a certain issue. Or if tells you that your introduction needs a more meaningful paragraph, make changes accordingly.

Read Books On This Topic

Another way to get speech writing help is to read a few instructional books on this topic and you'll find them at libraries and bookstores. Choose books that teach you how to write certain types of speeches. If you are delivering a narrative speech about your missions work in four Asian countries, you should pick up books that deal with ways to write or give narrative speeches in a way that will make the audience interested.

Talk To People Who Give Plenty of Speeches

The best way to meet people who give a lot of speeches is by joining a professional organization that assists residents of all careers in writing and giving speeches. Look at the examples that the group members during the monthly meetings. If necessary, take notes at the meetings and ask as many questions as possible.


When you get assistance with speech writing, you become more confident in this practice and you are able to write more creative speeches as time goes on. Keep in touch with the people who helped you because you may need their help when it is time to write another speech. Look over all the research you conducted when learning to write a speech and put them in a business folder so you can refer to them at a later time.