5 Interesting Topics for College Essays

When you are starting to outline or write your college essay, one of the most important things you need to decide on is the topic. This will dictate the entire nuance of your essay, and how you establish and support your position. It will also influence how and what you need to research, as well as (most importantly) the finished essay.

So what makes a good topic a good topic? It partially depends on your instructions for this particular essay. If your professor has given any prompts or guidelines you have to follow in your essay, you can find inspiration for your topic there. Or if there are any examples of past essays your teacher has provided, you can choose a topic that outlines a different approach to the same one as a past essay, or using the same approach to a different subject.

When You Have No Idea Where to Start

Go online and see what you can find. Here are 5 interesting topics that were found with the click of a button:

  1. How do you spend your vacation?
  2. A scene in a public park.
  3. Your idea of a great hero.
  4. Patriotism: what are your thoughts?
  5. How to keep your temper under control.

There are professors who give little or very vague instructions for their essays (in fact this is very common) and so students are left to wonder what they really want or what they really mean by something. The best way around this problem is to go and ask them in person.

Don’t Worry Too Much

Choosing a topic is important, but don’t stress over it too much. Even a bland topic can be made fascinating by a talented writer. On the flip side, a very interesting topic can be dull in the hands of an amateur. If you aren’t a great writer or you don’t like doing it, don’t worry about that either; your teachers are there to help you, and you aren’t the first (and won’t be the last) with this exact situation.

When you do come up with a list of a few possible topics, go through each one and think about how you might argue your position, how you might go about doing your research, how long it might take you to find what you need, and perhaps how you personally feel about it, which is also important.