Struggling with choosing persuasive essay topics

If choosing a topic for the essay you are about to write seems like the most complicated part of the whole process, you shall definitely take a look at our guides on how to pick the best possible topic. The following article will study the problem of a persuasive essay topic.

The key to choosing a right topic just for you!

This will not be the most original topic, or the topic you think your teacher will love to read about. It is also not the topic that from your point of view will be able to show the best of you or will help you to stand out from your classmates. The main point is to select the topic that will awoke some feelings in new, no matter positive or negative. Why feeling connected to the topic is so important?

  • It will be easier to research more material on the topic you are interesting in learning more about.
  • It will make your paper emotional (since you actually care about it) and interesting to read.
  • Since you have developed a strong point of view on the topic, it will be easy for you to prove it to the others.

So, rather then looking for topic online, try to look for them inside of your head first.

Filters to take your chosen topic through.

After you have thought about it for a while and a topic is chosen, it is time to decide how good it actually is. It would be even better to take a look at the following requirements before you start picking up the topic, it will give you the possibility to throw the bad topics away instantly and not waste your time on them. Here are the questions you have to apply to each topic.

  • Is the topic debatable? The issue may concern you personally, but the society has also formed a set position regarding the issue and there is no need to prove anything to anybody. Make sure people actually argue about it.
  • Will you be able to find sources to prove your point? You cannot base a persuasive essay just on what you think is right, you will need to find some proof. Make sure there is literature that corresponds with your position.
  • Is it socially acceptable? There are topics that though provoke debates among big groups of people, are not very good to choose for a school essay. To such topics we will include religion, sexual orientation and others.