School Essay Writing Help: Avoiding Informal Words

Talking is easy. When speaking amongst friends it is easy enough to speak without utilizing proper grammar. One may speak without punctuation included or use improper verbs. One may also use colloquial languages that do not translate well outside of speaking aloud. When you are trying to translate speech into a workable paper/ essay it can be difficult for some. Although you start to learn proper grammar at the elementary level it can be hard to drop the texting language or colloquial speak when writing a paper. This article exist to help you avoid informal speak in your essay writing.

Understanding what informal language is:

Informal language is focused in word choice in structure. Such writing can be seen as conversational and may make the reader feel as if they are speaking with a friend. This creates a more comfortable environment for the reader, but that is not what you want for your essay.

How to avoid informal language:

  1. Punctuation: Punctuation is a must in any grammatical structure. You should limit the use of exclamation points, and parentheses, only utilizing them as needed. Avoid shortcuts and spell out whole words. For example there exist this symbol &. Instead of using this in your work make sure to just write out and. Also add in ending punctuation to every sentence.
  2. Substitute words: Simple language is best when writing a paper. Do try to avoid the use of words that will have your paper sounding elementary. Instead of the word cute, you can upgrade the word to adorable. The language needs to reflect the type of audience you will be addressing.
  3. Avoid contractions: As stated before spell out words. The use of contraction words can be seen as informal so be sure to write them out.
  4. Point of view: Be sure to speak in third person when writing your essay. It is important to remain objective in your writing which is why you need to avoid first and second person point of view. These points of views are relatively subjective in nature.
  5. Cliches: Avoid the use of cliches in your writing. This can make your work sound cheesy and unoriginal. Use language that the reader can easily understand and matter of fact.
  6. Being Vague: Again this goes back to language. Be sure to leave out vague words and descriptions that could have your readers scratching their heads. You want to use simple jargon, that is more precise.