How to write a 1000-word University Essay

It’s very common in university for professors to say you have to write a certain number of words for you essay, instead of pages. This is because fonts and font sizes can make the length of an essay vary greatly in the number of pages. But most students don’t realize 1000 words is not as huge an essay as it sounds like. For most 12 point fonts like Times New Roman, one page equals roughly 500-550 words. So really, you are only writing about 2 pages.

How to Start Your Essay

First, gather all the instructions, examples, research, sources, and anything else your professor has given you about this essay. Go through it, taking notes and organizing it into what needs to go where, and start drafting a rough outline.

  • Introduction
    1. In the first part of a typical essay, you’ll have an introduction where you include a beginning statement or question to pique the readers’ interest
    2. Then, state your thesis or argument
    3. And finally, summarize the points you will be making in the rest of the essay
  • Body of the Essay
    1. Here’s where you’ll have your detailed arguments or the “meat” of your essay
    2. Outline each section with a summary of what your position is, and a list of the sources you have to back up your opinions
  • Conclusion
    1. In the conclusion, summarize your arguments again (you can even just reword your introduction, minus the first statement)
    2. And finish with a different, probing or insightful phrase or question


Here are a few tips for when your first draft is all finished, and you need to go through it once more for any errors or changes you may need to make:

  • For spelling and grammar, read your entire essay one sentence at a time, starting from the end up. This way, each sentence is out of context and you can better concentrate on it as a separate part, rather than fitting into the whole essay, which makes it easier to miss things.
  • Ask a friend (or more than one friend) to read it over and suggest any corrections
  • Show it to your professor before the due date. Usually, professors are cool with taking a look at your finished work (or partial works) before it’s actually due, to help you out with exactly what they want to see in your essay