Academic Writing Prompts: how to manage Your Time

Writing of an essay is often a tasking thing for many people and most of the time they find themselves overwhelmed by circumstances and some even fail to complete the essays in time or fail to finish the essay altogether. Most students realize that the deadline for the submission of the essay has passed and they are to finish. One of the major reasons as to why many of them find themselves in such situations can be attributed to poor planning and lack of time management skills. However this can be avoided by the student in the following ways.

  1. The student should break down the entire essay writing process into various stages and assign time frames to each phase. This will call for designing a time schedule on how the several phases will be conducted.
  2. The moment the essay has been assigned to the student he or she should not waste time but should start planning on how to complete the assignment. If a supervisor has been assigned the student should make sure that he or she approaches and engages the supervisor right from the word go. The supervisor will help the student understand the topic and develop an outline for the essay. This will ensure that the student does not waste time through writing on the wrong topic. The interaction between the supervisor and the student should be continuous to enable correct work to be done.
  3. When conducting research the student should make sure that he or she focuses on relevant data and avoids spending too much time on collecting secondary data. This is because many students spend too much time at this stage and end up citing outdated references. This causes the supervisor to make them redo their work or update their references, an exercise that leads to wastage of time.
  4. While writing the essay the student should always try as much as possible to adhere to the work schedule so that he or she is able to complete the essay within the set time frames. The student should always have in mind the fact that the time he or she has at their disposal is limited and so they should not waste time on writing up their findings or arguments.
  5. Lastly the student needs to make sure that they finish the essay in good enough time and have time to go through the work and make any required corrections.

By observing these a student will be able to meet that deadline and present the work in time.