The main 3 Approaches of writing a Persuasive Essay 

The persuasive essay is the one you try to persuade others to accept your position or point of view by argumentation and providing grounds. Your argument or rationale is the most important thing in the whole essay. This makes it more resembling to the argumentative type of essays. Aristotle, the great philosopher of Greek history, named use of persuasive words as rhetoric.

There are three main doors or in other words, approaches to writing a persuasive essay.

  • Reason
  • Emotion
  • Beliefs


Reason is the rationality and logic that makes your argument effective and appealing to the audience or reader. This is the main and basic part of persuasion. Reason convinces people on your stance. But presenting reason is itself a strategic task. You are not just going to simply write it. Make your statement or point in opening or beginning sentence. In next sentences or paragraphs, provide evidence for your statement through expanding it and giving supporting arguments. More original arguments will evoke more persuasion. The type of evidence depends upon the nature of argument. In next sentences, make conclusion about your point. Evaluate merits of thesis you provided. You can also engage in points or evidence against your statement. It will formulate the impression of originality and openness to other points of view which will in turn make your argument stronger. Link points in each paragraph with each other so that it arises as a sequential discussion with a good flow, not random. It will also help to combine similar themes which will be even more strengthening to your argument or persuasive essay.


Evoking emotion will help you to get deeper attention and feelings from the audience towards your statement or argument. It is a tactful task. Do not exaggerate the feelings or emotions in your essay that might make people judge it as outcome of emotional approach towards the subject. There should just be touch of emotions between the lines that touches the heart of people in a rational way.


You can use beliefs of your audience as nurturing point for your essay or argument. For this you must be aware of the audience that is the people for whom you are writing this essay. It will not only become more rational for them but also enhance the emotional element which will essentially make you essay more effective and persuasive.