How To Write An Interesting Reflective Essay

As you travel to college you are overcome with a number of emotions. You are excited for a new adventure, anxious over new challenges, and apprehensive about what lies ahead and whether you will be as successful as you were in high school. In college, you are required to rake a wide array of courses, in areas like English, sconce, history, foreign language, math, and the arts. You have never been exposed to so many varied topics before at such a high level of learning, requiring an equally high level of study. In addition, if finances require, you need to work part time on campus to pay your bills. Plus, you have freedom in your social life to do whatever you want, whenever you want, which is very liberating. As a college student you need to balance all of these emotions. You also need to take note of them as they will be instructive as life experiences to help you in your future academic endeavors. In your classes, you are presented with quizzes, examinations, and term papers. During the semester you may be assigned essays to write on a variety of topics. One of the assignments could be a reflective essay.


If you take a writing seminar or workshop, you may be required to write a reflective essay. In other disciplines, they may ask for a reflective essay at the completion of your course. A reflective essay is simply a personal writing looking back on your growth as a student in the class. You review your journey, and write about the effects of different situations and circumstances. The essay will be structured similarly to all other essays, but will be more personal, and less academic.

Making it better

When you attempt to make your reflective essay shine as a great piece of writing, there are two main areas to consider, style and content. The style of your wring can be improved with hard work and focus, making sure to proofread and edit, looking for any mistakes in formatting, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your content is highly personal. When you write a reflective essay, you need to discuss your life journey, where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. The most interesting essays are those that offer insights into a student, presenting evidence of growth and maturity as they progress through college. You can be serious, funny, or a combination of both, keeping your reader engaged with stories about your experiences.